Shibi Spa – Good Effects on Skin Beauty! Relaxing Bath in Deep Mountains –



Shibi Hot Springs are famous for beautiful skin and located at Satsuma Town, Kagoshima Prefecture. It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City by car.


Shibi Hot Springs

The hot springs are located deep in mountains of Kagoshima Prefecture. Once I arrived at hot spring resorts and got off my car, I felt the good smell of sulfur of hot springs.

If you come here at the beginning of summer, you can enjoy taking bath while watching lighting bugs.

You can take bath only for 500 – 1,000 yen.

(I took the following video at the garden of the hotel “Kusunokiso”. The sound of the hot flowing hot water is very relaxing.)

Shibi Hot Springs are said to have particular good effects on your skin.

On this trip, I came here with my wife and her friends. It seems to me that that the hot spring is particularly popular among local Japanese ladies.

You can take a bath at several hotels and we chose the hotel “Kusunokiso” which our friend recommended.

When I took the bath I found that the man’s bath was not so crowded. But later my wife told me that the female bath was crowded since Shibi hot spring was famous for beautiful skins and popular among girls.

I enjoyed listening to the singing sounds of wild birds and flowing sounds of nearby river. I could completely forgot the hustle and bustle of city life while I took the bath.

Later I learned that the water of Shibi hot spring was drinkable and had good effects on high blood pressure and diabetes. I wished if I could have given the water to my father.

We didn’t stay at the hotel that time, bu we will stay next time we visit this place.

Information of Spa of Kusunokiso

Bath Time


Fee(Bath only)

Adult 500 yen Children 250円




Shower, sauna, cold water bath


Free dryer, body soap, shampoo (you can buy towels)





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