Kuroiwa Ramen Honten – Traditional Ramen Noodle Shop at Tenmonkan (Kagoshima City) – popular shop among local people



I visited a popular ramen noodle shop “Kuroiwa Ramen”. Speaking of ramen noodle, many people would think about the shop!


Ramen Noodle Restaurant at Tenmonkan

I finally came here to enjoy its delicious ramen noodle of Kuroiwa Ramen! The atmosphere of restaurant is that of Showa Era, or 30-40 years before.


Usually many people will have to be in line before they eat the ramen noodle at lunch time. But I avoided the busy time and came here at 15:00. I was very lucky to find that there were only 5 guests including me!



You have to buy a ticket before you enjoy eating noodles, etc. You can choose following noodles.

Menu Price
Ramen 780 yen
Miso ramen (miso means fermented soy beans) 880 yen
Chashu ramen (Chashu means pork) 880円

Other menu : 5 pieces of “Gyoza” (chinese dumplings) is 380 yen, fried rice (680 yen).

After thinking a while, I chose “Chashu ramen” because it included more pork slices than normal one and I wanted to eat pork at that time. 


I passed a ticket of Chashu ramen to staff and waited for the arrival of ramen noodle while enjoying eating pickles of Japanese pickles of above picture. (Note: unlike other prefectures, most of Kagoshima’s ramen shops serve pickles for free of charge).



Chashu ramen

My lovely chashu noodle finally came! I curbed my appetite and took some photos before eating it.


6 slices of chashu, green onions and sprouts are on top of noodles.


I took a video of the noodle so that you can have a better understanding of the noodle.

Chashu is very soft and filled with mild soy source tastes. Soup is pork broth but not oily. I think that many people would love the noodle!

Noodle itself is typical thick noodle of Kagoshima. I found the noodle chewy and delicious!


Information of Kuroiwa Ramen

Open Hour



Get off tram at Tenmonkan-dori and walk about 5 minutes.


Ramen noodle

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