Beautiful Volcano Sakurajima in Morning and Evening


Beautiful Sakurajima in Morning!

It was a lovely morning in Kagoshima this morning.

I could see the deepest part of the Kinko Bay.

If weather is fine, I could see the clear view of Sakurajima. It encourages me a lot!

I could work perfectly today!


Mysterious White Lines of Sakurajima!

On my way home from work, I found some white lines on the surface of Sakurajima.

I think that they are marks of landslides caused by series of heavy rain this week.

Landslides happens in Kagoshima more frequently than other prefectures.

This is because Kagoshima’s land is made of volcanic ash

If it rains, it is better not to be near cliff or mountains for your safety!



Today’s diary

It has been hectic ever since I graduated from university.

Sometimes human relationships are troublesome and exhausted me.

But when I see the great shape of Sakurajima, I feel those troubles are very small.

Don’t sweat on small stuff!




Kagoshima Love!