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Kagoshima Ramen Noodle Championship – Which Shop Do You Vote? –

Thare are many delicious ramen noodle shops at Kagoshima. The competition of those shops has been held since 2015 in ord…

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Kagoshima Vacations – Delicious TAKOYAKI & KAITENYAKI Shop –

It is very pleasant to drive along the coastline of Kagoshima Prefecture.I would like to introduce delicious Takoyaki sh…

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delicious Japanese Ramen noodle in Kagoshima – Restaurant “BUCCHOMEN” (2015.05.06)

There are lots of ramen noodles in Kagoshima. This ramen is a Hakata style, though. My friend took me to this secret…

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Special Local Lunch Box ”MAKURAZAKI” – lots of delicious seafood –


Lunch Box Culture in Japan Each Big Japanese train station has its own unique lunch box. The lunch box is made of lo…

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Local food “ONTAMARAN-DON” in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan!


Ibusuki City It takes about 1 hour to drive to this beautiful city, Ibusuki from Kagoshima City by car. This city …

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Delicious Ramen noodle at restaurant KYUJIRO, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima


Nice ramen restaurant KYUJIRODrive a car from Kagoshima City for 1 hour.It is the best to visit to this restaurant w…

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Delicious local food in Kagoshima Amami-No-Keihan (Chicken rice soup)!


I introduce a delicious local food in Kagoshima, Japan!This is the traditional food "Keihan" (formal name is "Amami-no…

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Japanese PORK cuisine for summer and winter in Japan!


I introduce delicious Japanese pork cuisine to you.Kagoshima is famous for the production of the Kurobuta (black color…

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Japanese Ramen noodles restaurant “KAKINOKI” in Kagoshima City


Ramen noodleRamen is the kind of various ingredients such as sliced pork (CHASHU), bamboo shots (MEN…

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Delicious Ramen noodles at Restaurant “KAKINOKI” in Kagoshima City, JAPAN


If you come to Japan, please taste different kinds of ramen noodles.Each towns and restaurants have different tastes…

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