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OKATEI (Senganen Restaurant) – Wonderful View of Sakurajima & Traditional Foods –

I visited Okatei for lunch during my visit to the Senganen Park. The Japanese style restaurant is the good place if you …

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Iso Swimming Beach : Marine Sports in front of Mt . Sakurajima

I introduce a famous swimming beach in Kagoshima City. Iso Swimming Beach is located near the Senganen Park. The view of…

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Tamazato Garden – Beautiful Japanese Garden in Kagoshima City –

The 28th Shimdzu clan's leader Shimadzu Narioki built Tamazato Garden in 1835. Seinan Civil war burnt down the garden in…

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White Sakurajima with Snow & “Ke-Arashi” Phenomenon

It rarely snows in hot-tempered Kagoshima every year. But this year is special. The snow covered whole Kagoshima on 25 J…

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Statue of Godai Tomoatsu (played by Dean Fujioka in Drama “Sunshiny Asa”)

Mr. Godai Tomoatsu is the important historical person in Kagoshima, Japan. Godai is one of three intelegent people of Sa…

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Healthy Lunch at Uearata, Kagoshima City, Japan

I have been very anxious about my fat over new year holidays. So, I searched for healthy lunch restaurant on internet. L…

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Visit to World Heritage “Sekiyoshi Sluice Gate of Yoshino Leat”

I visited world heritage Sekiyoshi Sluice Gate of Yoshino Leat. The place is registered as the world heritage on 2015.7.…

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Kagoshima Aquarium – Enjoy Underwater World –

I took my wife to the Kagoshima Aquarium for the education of an unborn baby. We had a completely relaxing time and enjo…

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Cafe “Kanmachi Cafe Haruya”@Kagoshima City – Restaurant on Hill to View Mt.Sakurajima

We love this cafe where you can have a wonderful view of Mt.Sakurajima. The restaurant is popular among of local peopl…

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MATHERuBA CAFE : Wonderful View of Mt. Sakurajima and Delicious Hamburger (Kagoshima City)

I visited a famous cafe which is popular among my friends in Kagoshima City. They all say that the hamburger of the cafe…

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We are Sho & Lala, born and bred in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Kagoshima is the wonderful place to enjoy great scenery, delicious food and warm-hearted people. We would be happy if you get interested in Kagoshima through this blog. Please send me e-mail if you have any questions about Kagoshima Trip.

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