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Kagoshima Ramen TONTORO @ Tenmonkan Arcade – Soft KUROBUTA Pork & Half Boiled Egg –

The ramen noodle of TONTORO is put with delicious Kurobuta pork. Once you eat it, you will be a fun of the ramen. (mor…

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Kuroiwa Ramen Honten – Traditional Ramen Noodle Shop at Tenmonkan (Kagoshima City) – popular shop among local people

I visited a popular ramen noodle shop "Kuroiwa Ramen". Speaking of ramen noodle, many people would think about the shop!…

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Kagoshima Ramen Noodle Championship – Which Shop Do You Vote? –

Thare are many delicious ramen noodle shops at Kagoshima. The competition of those shops has been held since 2015 in ord…

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Batten Ramen : Addicting Delicious Noodle (Kagoshima City)

Batten Ramen is the famous ramen noodle restaurant ranked 4th in the Kagoshima Ramen Championship Contest. The noodle is…

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Zabon Ramen – Popular Ramen Noodle Restaurant in Kagoshima –

Kagoshima people especially loves having Ramen noodles! The density of Ramen restaurants of Kagoshima ranks 5th in among…

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delicious Japanese Ramen noodle in Kagoshima – Restaurant “BUCCHOMEN” (2015.05.06)

There are lots of ramen noodles in Kagoshima. This ramen is a Hakata style, though. My friend took me to this secret…

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Kagoshima Ramen Noodle : Restaurants ”VAGABOND” & “SHINOHARA”

What is the characteristics of Kagoshima's Ramen? I would like to recommend you to go to the following restaurants in Ka…

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