Sandwich Factory Nakamura (Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City) – So delicious that I want to eat all kinds of them! –

I obtained the information of a shop of delicious sandwich at Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City. We visited the shop for the fir...
ramen noodle

Batten Ramen : Addicting Delicious Noodle (Kagoshima City)

Batten Ramen is the famous ramen noodle restaurant ranked 4th in the Kagoshima Ramen Championship Contest. The noodle is...

Hananoki Farm Lab : Delicious Home-made Hot Dog

My wife get the news about delicious hot dog shop in Kagoshima City! You can eat at the shop also buy it for take-out. I...
History & Culture

Statue of Godai Tomoatsu (played by Dean Fujioka in Drama “Sunshiny Asa”)

Mr. Godai Tomoatsu is the important historical person in Kagoshima, Japan. Godai is one of three intelegent people of Sa...

Restaurant “Backen” at Restaurant “Hotel Mate” – Delicious Morning Bread at Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City, Japan –

Nothing is more delicious than freshly baked bread in morning, isn't it? I went to a nice restaurant "Backen" which has ...
Event & Festival

OHARA Festival in Kagoshima – Let’s Dance and Drink Shochu with Local People –

My wife and I went to Ohara Festival, the most famous festival in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan! Watch the following vide...