【Half Day Travel】 Driving Model Course of Kirishima City Area


I introduce our family’s half day driving course at Kirishima area.

I hope this article will be of your help when you travel in Kagoshima by car 🙂


Deive Map

If you click a marker, you can see the article of each travel spot.


Drive Schedule

11:00 Depart Kagoshima City


11:00 Early lunch at Hinata Chaya (Kokubu, Kirishima City)♪

Hinata Chaya

See Article→Hinata Chaya


12:00 Visit Wake Shrine and Inukai Waterfall.

wake shrine

See Article→Wake Shrine

inukai waterfall

See Article→Inukai Waterfall


14:00 Enjoy foot bath at Shiobitashi Spa Ryoma Park. Mr. Sakamoto Ryoma (Japanese historical hero for Meiji Restoration) and his wife Oryo spend as many as 18 days here on their honeymoon.

Ryoma and Oryo Statue

See Article→Shiobitashi Onsen Ryoma Park


15:00 Visit the spiritual sacred tomb of the grandfather of the 1st Japanese emperor. 

The air of the mountain is very comfortable and relaxing!


See Article→Takayayama Sanryo


16:00 Visit Saigo Park to see the biggest human statue in Japan and learn the history of Mr. Saigo Takamori.


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Drive to Kagoshima Bay.


17:00 Visit Wakamiko Shrine and enjoy beautiful sunset of Kagoshima Bay.

The volcano Sakurajima has the different appearance from Kagoshima City. It is worth visiting the place!

I highly recommend you to visit this shrine as the final destination of your romantic day with your girlfriend or wife!


See Article→Wakamiko Shrine


The above model course takes about 6 hours.

Even it is an half day, you can have great travel in Kirishima City, Kagoshima.


Beautiful Scenery, History, Delicious Foods, Event, etc.

We are going to introduce more travel model courses in future. Please look forward to update!

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