BAIRI – Lunch at Traditional Japanese House – (Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan)



We visited a restaurant BAIRI at Ibusuki City. Recently having lunch at Kominka (traditional Japanese house) has got popular among young people. My wife and I also love Kominka and we recommend you to come to this restaurant for lunch!


Let’s go to Bairi

One of my wife’s dreams to visit the restaurant and we finally achieved her dream this time. My wife had heard from her friends that the restaurant has quite nice atmosphere and recommended her to make a visit.

I called up the restaurant in advance. The restaurant answered that I could take our baby (3 months old) to the restaurant. We were so grateful to the restaurant. (But please be noted that there are no menu or chair for babies).

We headed for BAIRI feeling excited.


Bairi’s Location

Drive southward from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City (about 1 hour). After passing Ibusuki Shogo High School, find the oil station (following google street view) and turn to the left.

Find this signboard and turn to left.

梅里 鹿児島 指宿

After you turn to left, you can find the free parking lot of Bairi. The parking lot can accomodate about 10 cars.

If you go to the restaurant on your way from Ibusuki City to Kagoshima City, turn to right at the place indicated at the folowing picture.



Arrival at Bairi!

Traditional atmosphere of Japanese home. I felt as if I returned to my home at countryside.

It is said that the house is over 100 years old. 🙂

bairi entrance

We arrived at the restaurant at around 12:00.

We found many other guests were in line waiting to enter the restaurant.

I asked staff and found that it would take 2 hours until we could have lunch. Very long…

How popular the restaurant is!

We decided to wait. I wrote my family name on the list and waited to be called.

bairi entrance

We enjoyed watching groceries at the entrance of the Bairi.


Those hand-made groceries are very cute. We bought a small hair pin for our baby.

bairi grocery

We ordered lunch while we were waiting to be called. Menu is as follows:

 Menu   Price
Toyotamahime Gozen Rice in pot, Miso soup, Hanakago (Basket of small dishes)  1,200 yen
Atsuhime Gozen  Rice in pot, Miso soup, Hanakago (Basket of small dishes) + Small Sweet & Drink 1,500 yen

Both my wife and I ordered Atsuhime Gozen.

For your information, Atsuhime (or princess Atsu) is the heroine of Japanese NHK drama “Atsuhime”. Her birthplace is located near the restaurant. Her house have not existed but her childhood statue stands at the site. Since the scenery of coastline of the pine tree and Mt. Sakurajima is beautiful, I recommend you take a walk there after you enjoy lunch at Bairi.


Happy Lunch Time!

We waited about an hour.

Shop staff guided us to the table at the center of the house.

We found that the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Most of guests were female but some were families and couples.


Beautiful Japanese pickles (Please help yourself).



Please help yourself for tea and water.

I found Bijincha or tea for beautiful ladies.

My wife enjoyed drinking it!

tea pot

You can watch Kagoshima Bay at window.

Comfortable winds enter the house.

Sometimes, we could hear the ocean waves.

We wished if we could live in such a wonderful house!

bairi atmosphere

Waiting for lunch…



Atsuhime Gozen

Steaming rice was delivered in traditional Japanese pot.

I learned from the staff that they start cook the rice after guests were guided to tables.

It takes about 20 minutes to cook the rice.

The pot was sold at the grocery corner at 7,000 yen.

梅里 鹿児島 指宿 ランチ

Hanakago basket was delivered!

Cute and beautiful small dishes look delicious!

hanakago basket

I introduce those dishes clock-wisely. 

  • Crispy Tempra(shrimp, onion, pumpkin, oba leave, egg plant)
  • Salad (with special dressing of Bairi)
  • Sashimi(Amberjack and yellowtail)
  • Nanohana flowers and onion
  • Nishime(shrimp, chicken, egg plant, carrot, etc.)
  • Okura and chicken with yuzu pepper

Steaming rice.

Steaming rice

1st scoop of the rice is soft.

I heard from staff that the 2nd scoop of the rice is the most delicious after sealing the pot a while.

梅里 鹿児島 指宿

Let’s get taste of the rice!

Every piece of the rice is shiny and fresh!

You cannot create this delicious rice with machine.

I am from an agricultural family raising rice, but I found the rice much more delicious than ours.

bairi rice

There are about 2 scoop of rice in the pot.

Maybe it can be a bit too small for an adult man, but personally the amount is enough for lunch.

You can add the amount of rice for 300 yen, but you have to order the addition before you are guided to seats.

I was impressed the attitude of the restaurant which cherish the taste of freshly cooked rice!

(Following picture is the dessert and ice coffee.)

sweet and drink

Gentle sound of ocean waves. Our baby is very relaxed…

baby sleep


Lunch Video

I edited a video to introduce this wonderful lunch spot.


Other Recommend of Lunch at Traditional Japanese Residence

Zenzai (Aira City)

Hiyori (Hioki City)


Bairi’s Information

Smoking is prohibited.

Open Hour

12:00-18:00 (Lunch is until 14:00)


Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday of month


0993-32-5111(Booking lunch is not accepted)


2848-2 Iwamoto, Ibusuki City

Home Page


Enjoy Lunch at Traditional Japanese Residence

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