Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa – Enjoy 3 kinds of Hot Spring of Old History –



Speaking of Kirishima, Spa is very famous. My wife recommended me to take the wonderful spa in Kirishima. The atmosphere is wonderful and the water quality is fabulous! 



Kirishima Unotani Sanso

I visited to “Kirishima Unotani Sanso” to take its famous bath.

The history of the spa goes back to Edo era (1603-1868).

The water of the spa is 100% natural.

Spa’s Quality

Sulfur Spa, Carbonated Spa

Health Effect

Let’s take the sulfur spa and the carbonated spa alternatively. It relaxes your mental strain. 🙂


Way to Spa

It takes about 1.5 hours from Kagoshima City by car. You will find the following signboard on your way from Kirishima Jingu Shrine to Kirishima Spa.

Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa


It takes about 5 minutes from the above signboard to the spa. The way is narrow.

The clean air of the forest is very fresh.



When I visited the spa, I didn’t stay at the hotel. But it will be very pleasant to stay here surrounded by beautiful nature.



Following road leads to free parking lot.

kirishima yunotani sanso


From the Edo period, people have used the spa to heal their diseases and wounds.

The health effect of the spa must be wonderful! I was so excited.

Kirishima Unotani Spa


After getting off my car, I took several deep breath. The air contains flavor of sulfur.

I could hear the beautiful sound of the stream and singing birds of the forests.

I entered Unotani Sanso.

entrance of Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa


I paid Spa fee at the receipt as shown in the following picture. (500 yen per adult)


The spa is equiped with hair dryer.

But you have to prepare for body soap, conditionar or towel. (You cay buy them at receipt)

board of kirishima unotani sanso spa

Let’s take the spa!


Interesting 3 Bath

The spa room was made of woods. It is the old style of traditional Japanese spa.

I was surprised to find 3 bath. Luckily I was the first to take the bath and no one was taking the bath.

One bath is sulfar bath, 2nd bath is carbonated bath and 3rd bath is the mix of sulfur and carbonated bath. Of course their hot waters are 100 % natural.

bath room of Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa

Bright sunlight of the forests were casting into slightly dark wooden room It is very relaxing.


Sulfur Spa

The water temperature is about 44℃. It is a bit hotter than normal spa.

sulfur spa

The smell of the sulfur was not so strong as I expected.


Mix Spa

The bath is the mix of sulfur and carbonated spa. The temperature of the spa is cooler than sulfur one.

Mix Spa

I recommend you to lay in the bath and watch the ceiling.

ceiling of bath room


Carbonated Spa

The carbonated spa is smaller than other bathes. The color of the water is different from others.

Carbonated Spa

The bath is suitable for only 1 adult.

The temperature of the water is about 30 ℃.

Carbon bubbles are coming up from the bottom of the bath.

Sighnboard of the bathroom says the the carbonated water is drinkable.


Many YUNOHANA (sulfur) was floating on the surface of the bath. YUNOHANA is the sign of the good natural spa.

Kirishima Yunotani Sanso Spa

The water has carbonated bubbles but doesn’t stimulate your skin like a Coke.

The quality of the water is very mild and relaxed my mind and body.


Wise Way to Take Spa

Please take the sulfur and carbonated spa alternatively.

After taking the spa, I felt as if my body lost much weight. The flow of the blood got better. My eyes had been tired but regained strength thanks to the spa.

Kirishima Yunotani Sanso Spa has also open air bath (rotenburo in Japanese) for 1,000 yen). I will take the open-air bath next time I visit here.


Spa Video

I took the following video to tell you of the wonderful atmosphere of the spa.


Information of Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa


Car→About 90 minutes from Kagoshima City. Free parking lot is available for 30 cars.

Open Hour

09:00-15:00(receipt until 14:00)

Holiday : 1st day of every month(If 1st day is Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday, the day after those days are holidays)

Spa Fee

Adult 500 yen(under primary school 250 yen)




4970 Takachiho, Makizono-cho, Kirishima City



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