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Kirishima Egg Farm @Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki, Japan



This article introduces "Kirishima Egg Farm" in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.You can teste delicous lun…

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Lu Piccola @Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City


This shop is popular for delicious biscuits and tarts. (more…)…

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Cafe OZUNU – Nice Restaurant near Kagoshima Chuo Station –

The cafe is only 5 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot. If you love cheeze cake, this is the place you should vi…

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Cafe “Chanonke” – Enjoy Parfait and Tea Holiday Afternoon -(Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City)

We discovered a nice restaurant of delicious parfait and green tea. If you love sweets, this is the place you should vis…

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Yanagawa Himuro – Delicious Soft Shaved Ice –


Kakigori or shaved ice is very delicious especially at summer season. I introduce you a very popular shaved ice shop at …

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Delicous Chocolate Drink : GODIVA (AMU PLAZA Kagoshima-Chuo Shop)


Speaking of Kagoshima, which sweets do come up in your mind? Are they sweet potatoes or Shirokuma ice cream? My recommen…

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Kagoshima’s Crape Shop “PLAGE” – Delicious Crape & Beautiful View of Kagoshima Bay and Mt.Sakurajima –

My wife and I visited Crape Shop "Plage" at Nukumi, Kiire Town, Kagoshima City. If you drive from Kagoshima City to Ibus…

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Introduction “Volcano Sakurajima Ash Ice Cream” – Edible Volcanic Ash? Unique Addictive Snack in Kagoshima, Japan –

Very strange ice cream. The name is "Sakurajima Volcanic Ash Ice Cream". Speaking of Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan), the m…

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Hirataya Shop’s “Jumbo Mochi” Rice Cake! – Kagoshima Traditional Snack –

Jumbo Mochi is a kind of rice cake and a traditional snack in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. I really want foreign travele…

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Kagoshima Traditional Snack (“Jumbo Mochi” Rice Cake)

KAGOSHIMA SNACKJUMBO MOCHI is the traditional snack in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.It is sticky but sweet and deli…

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