Kanmuridake Spa – Enjoy taking Hot Spring with Great Mountainous Scenery! –



We visited a hot spring deep in mountain. It was wonderful to take natural hot bath while enjoying the view of sunset mountains.



Kanmuridake Spa

Before we return to Kagoshima City (where we live), we dropped by Kanmuridake Hot Spring, which is very closed to the shrine (5 minutes by car). Following picture is the entrance board of the hot spring.

kanmuridake onsen hot spring entrance gate

This is the entrance of hot spring.

kanmuridake spa

There are many local people enjoying the bath. The bath room was very clean.

The Udon noodle restaurant “NAGOMI” is located near the bath. It is also good to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

(Restaurant open hour is 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00)


Spa’s Video

When I took the bath at the outdoor hot spring at Kanmuridake Hot Spring, nobody was taking the bath, so I could take the video of the hot spring. Please have a look at the following video!

Sunlight already set down, but the black lines of mountains are very beautiful. (As soon as I took the video, other guests came to the bath and I was really surprized! 😀


Effects of Spa

Beautiful skin, autonomic instability, insomnia, depression, poor circulation, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, bruises, illness of the recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion (Spring quality is alkaline)



Spa Information


Get off Minamikyushu Highway at Kushikino I.C. and drive toward west about 10 minutes.

Open Hour



First Wednesday of month


Adult 330 yen, Primary School 150 yen, Infant 80 yen, Coupon (11 tickets) 3,300 yen



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Travel Spots near Spa

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