Typhoon HALOLA coming to Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan!




Good view of Sakurajima, but…

It is very good weather in Kagoshima, Japan, today.

Thanks to good weather, I could have the wonderful view of the volcano. 

However, it is killing-me-hot in Kagoshima today. Temperature exceeded 30 degrees!

I took the video from the balcony of my apartment. But electric lines become obstacles in the video.

What a shame!!!

Still, I should take the video of Sakurajima on my way to work.


Thphoon No.12 (HALOLA)

Typhoon NANKAR just passed Kagoshima last week, but new typhoon HALOLA is approaching to my hometown, Kagoshima, Japan.

Typhoon will bring heavy rain to Kagoshima and hides the view of Sakurajima… It discourages me a lot!

Source: rabiru.com

Kagoshima Prefecture is the place where many typhoons pass in Japan. 

Heavy rains cause landslides in Kagoshima sometimes. I hope everybody is safe when typhoon comes to Kagoshima!!



Today’d Diary

I went out of my workplace at noon and went to hospital this afternoon.

I suffered from mental depression 5 years ago.、Since them I have been to hospital every month. I went to the hospital with my mother and wife today.

I told my doctor that I have recovered a lot thanks to my wife’s help.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.jp

My mother was crying for a joy since I recovered a lots from mental depression. I am very sorry for my mother. She has been concerned me very much.

I should take really really good care of my parents and wife!