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Autumn Tree Market (2016) – Green Oasis in Kagoshima City –

Tree market is held at the bank of Kotsuki River in spring and autumn of every year. Many poeple visit the market to enj…

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Orange Bakery – Various Colorful Breads Make You Happy! (Koraicho, Kagoshima City) –


We visited Orange Bakery which started in 1989.  The bakery is located at Koraicho of Kagoshima City.  (more…)…

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Bakery “Mikaerudo” – Long Tradition, Loved by Local People in Kagoshima City –


I introduce a local bakery "Mikaerudo" at Kagoshima City. The bakery has been popular among local people ove 65 years.…

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Cafe “Chanonke” – Enjoy Parfait and Tea Holiday Afternoon -(Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City)

We discovered a nice restaurant of delicious parfait and green tea. If you love sweets, this is the place you should vis…

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Natural Hot Spring near Tenmonkan – Enjoy Spa at the middle of Kagoshima City –

I introduce 5 popular hot springs in Kagoshima City. All of them are popular among local people in Kagoshima. Please ref…

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How to use KAGORIN – Sightseeing Kagoshima City by Rental Bicycle –

How about enjoying your trip at Kagoshima City by bicycle? You can use bicycle "Kagorin" for only 200 yen for 1 day. (…

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Kagoshima City View Bus – Enjoy Sightseeing at Kagoshima City –

Very convenient transportation for sightseeing main travel spots in Kagoshima City. (more…)…

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Gionnosu Park – Monument of St. Xavier’s Landing on Kagoshima & Origin of Japanese Traditional Song “Warehauminoko” –

The park is located at the northern part of Kagoshima City and the place of recreation and relaxation for citizens. Ther…

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“Daloro” of Spaghetti – Popular Pasta Restaurant in Tanmonkan (Kagoshima City, Japan) –


This moved to another area (Takemachi Town, Kagoshima City)My wife and I visited the restaurant before it started at 1…

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Shiroyama Observatory : View of Volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima City

This is the nice place to enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima City.Also, there are many souveni…

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