Gionnosu Park – Monument of St. Xavier’s Landing on Kagoshima & Origin of Japanese Traditional Song “Warehauminoko” –



The park is located at the northern part of Kagoshima City and the place of recreation and relaxation for citizens. There are the memorial for St. Xavier’s landing on Kagoshima and the memorial for the Japanese traditional song “Wareha Uminoko” at the park. Also, the park is the nice spot to view Mt. Sakurajima!


Memorial for St. Xavier Landing on Kagoshima

St. Xavier landed on Kagoshima in 1549. I took the video of the memorial at the park.

I think that the name of St. Xavier are well-known in Japan but many people don’t know that the place of his landing was Kagoshima.

The magnificent view of Mt. Sakurajima must have surprised St. Xavier. The view might have encouraged his passion to spread Christianity in Japan.

St. Xavier met the Shimadzu clan Mr. Shimadzu Takahisa (1514-1571) and get his permission to spread Christianity in Kagoshima.

For your information, Xavier Park is located at the Tenmonkan Area of Kagoshima City.


Birthplace of Japanese Song “Wareha Uminoko”

“Wareha Uminoko” literally means “I am a child of ocean”. Why there is the monument of the song at this park?

warehauminoko monument

Following video is the song “Warehauminoko”. I think that most of Japanese people have heard of the song and practice singing at music classes. 

The composer of the song is Mr. Miyahara Koichiro. He is from Kagoshima. He had grown up at the area of the park until he became 10 years old. Later he moved to Hokkaido but could not forget the beautiful coast of Kagoshima. He composed the song in thinking of the coast of Kagoshima.

The song has become so popular and it is adopted in the music textbook in schools.


Great View of Mt. Sakurajima

You can see Mt. Sakurajima in very close vicinity. The view of the mountain is very impressive. I took the photo at sunset time.



Sakurajima Ferry goes and back in front of the park. I could see Chiringashima Island in a distance.


Mt. Sakurajima have seen Xavier’s landing on Kagoshima and the happy childhood of Mr. Miyahara Koichiro.

Sea breeze was very comfortable at the park.


Travel information of Park


  • If you take Kagoshima City View Bus, get off at “Gionnosukoen” or “Isibashi Kinen Koen”.
  • If you come here by train or tram, get off at JR Kagoshima Station and walk 15 minutes.

Open Hour

Throughout Year


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