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Kagoshima’s “Kirishima Hot Springs” Enjoy Bath & Foods

This article introduces Kirishima Hot Springs at Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.It is extremely pleasant …

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Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa – Enjoy 3 kinds of Hot Spring of Old History –

Kirishima Unotani Sanso Spa

Speaking of Kirishima, Spa is very famous. My wife recommended me to take the wonderful spa in Kirishima. The atmosphere…

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Midoriso Spa – Enjoy Natural Hot Spring of Fukiage Onsen Spa –


Midoriso Spa

Why not enjoy relaxing bath time at the beautiful bank of a pond. Japan's great writer Saito Mokichi loved the spa very …

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Nakajima Onsen Ryokan – Famous Historical Spa of Saigo Takamori –

Nakajima Onsen Ryokan

Historical hero Mr. Saigo Takamori loved Fukiage Onsen Area. It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City. (more…)…

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Healthy Land Tamatebako Spa – Hot Spring of Great Ocean View – (Ibusuki City, Kagoshima, Japan)

I introduce a wonderful spa at my hometown, Ibusuki City. The hot spring ranked the 1st at the travel site "Trip Adviser…

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Anti-Aging Hot Spring @ ”Sarugajo Radon Spa” in Tarumizu City, Japan

We took a bath at a natural hot spring of radon at Tarumizu City. The hot spring has effects not only on improvement of …

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Natural Hot Spring near Tenmonkan – Enjoy Spa at the middle of Kagoshima City –

I introduce 5 popular hot springs in Kagoshima City. All of them are popular among local people in Kagoshima. Please ref…

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Kanmuridake Spa – Enjoy taking Hot Spring with Great Mountainous Scenery! –

We visited a hot spring deep in mountain. It was wonderful to take natural hot bath while enjoying the view of sunset mo…

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Kirishima Onsen Ichiba @ Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan

My wife and I visited Kirishima Hot Spring in December by train and bus for our marriage ceremony.Since Kirishima is l…

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Kagoshima’s Active Volcano SAKURAJIMA and hot springs

Clear Sakurajima in the middle of Rainy SeasonIt is very sunny and lovely today.I cannot believe it is in the middle of …

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