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I introduce a popular local ramen noodle restaurant for its big pork gristle. The restaurant is close to Kagoshima Chuo Station.


Nanko Ramen

My friend told me about his favorite restaurant and I decided to get a taste of it.

The restaurant is next to Yamakataya Store as shown at the following picture.

place of nanko ramen


Following picture is the entrance.

entrance of nanko ramen


nanko ramen noodle

When I visited the restaurant, all seats were occupied.

I found 5 counter seats, 1 table for 4 people and 4 tables for couples.

You can put your bag at the foot of your seats.


comic near entrance

I read several comics and waited for the vacancy of seats.



I sat at the counter seat.

raddish pickles


 Ramen Noodles  Price (include tax)
Nankotsu (gristle) 750 yen
Ramen 550 yen
Chashu (sliced pork noodle) 750 yen
Karamiso (hot miso) 730 yen
Miso 730 yen
Hinotama Ramen (Fire ball ramen) 730 yen
 Okosama Ramen for children 350 yen
Nankotsu (Gristle) 280 yen Boiled egg 100 yen
Chashu (sliced pork) 250 yen Karashi Takana (leaf mustard pickles) 100 yen
Bean sprout 70 yen Butter 100 yen
Green onion 70 yen Corn 100 yen
Seaweed 50 yen Kimchi 150 yen
A Set… Rice + 50 yen, Butameshi (Pork rice) + 200 yen
B Set… Rice and 5 Gyoza (dumpling) +50 yen, Butameshi (pork rice) and 5 Gyoza (dumpling) +200 yen
C Set… 5 Gyoza (dumpling) + 150yen


 menu of nanko ramen

Above phot is the menu card of the restaurant. Every dish looks delicious and it makes me difficult to choose!

I chose Nankotsu (gristle) Ramen and B Set (Butameshi & Gyoza).


Nankotsu Ramen

Nankotsu ramen noodle

Big size of gristle surprized me!

 Nankotsu ramen noodle


Sliced onions are placed on the top of the ramen.

Other toppings icludes bean sprouts and green onion. 

big gristle

The weight of the above gristle is as much as 150 g.

The flavor of the gristle is sweet and hot soy source. The gristle is very very soft and you can easily cut it with your chopsticks.

Born of the gristle is also soft and you can eat it withought difficulty.

Noodle itself is thick. The soup wass not so oily as I had expected.

You can aks staff if you want to add some garlic paste


Butameshi (Pork Rice)

 pork rice butameshi

pork rice butameshi
The red miso is a little sweet and includes lots of pieces of pork.


Gyoza (dumpling)

 gyoza dumpling of nanko ramen 

gyoza dumpling of nanko ramen

Theare is lots of meats inside the dumbling. I love the taste of garlics inside.


Ramen Video


Restaurant Information

Access & Parking

About 15 minutes by foot from Kagoshima Chuo Station. Free parking lot is available. (Please refer to the following picture for the place of parking lot)

parking lot of nanko ramen

Open Hour

  • 11:30-15:00(LO14:45)
  • 18:00-24:00(LO23:30)


Monday(Tueseday becomes holiday if Monday is holiday)




2-5-17 Nishida, Kagoshima City



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