Old Japanese Style Cafe/Restaurants in Kagoshima, Japan



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How about having lunch at traditional Japanese style restaurants?

Following restaurants are places where we had lunch for ourselves.



Kamo Saro ZENZAI(Aira City)

Old Samurai house turned into cafe.


Bairi(Ibusuki City)

The cafe is along seaside. Rice is very delicious!


Kochi(Hioki City)

This is our most favorite Japanese-style restaurant.


Hiyori(Hioki City)

The cafe is very relaxing and friendly to small children.


La chaumiere (Minamikyushu City)

You can have delicious lunch at Japanese style restaurant.


Olive no Ki(Kirishima City)

The cafe is very close to Kirishima Jingu Shrine.


Iriki Hearts(Satsumasendai City)

The cafe is in the middle of Samurai residential area.


Children Friendly Restaurants in Kagoshima

Following articles introduces children-friendly restaurants in Kagoshima.