Nakamura Shinya Art Museum at Kagoshima City, Japan


This article introduces Nakamura Shinya Art Museum at Kagoshima Citym Japan.

Nakamura Shinya is one of the most famous Japanese artists.

At this museum, as many as 450 of his masterpieces are displayed.

If you are interested in art, why not make a visit to this museum?



Access & Parking Lot

The museum is 5 km from Matsumoto IC of Minami Kyushu Highway.

Free parking lot is available for about 20 cars.


As soon as we entered the museum, 3 meter height statue made appearance and impressed us!

We felt as if all of statue were alive and would suddenly start moving!


Famous Masterpieces of Nakamura Shinya

Statue “Shimadzu Yoshihiro”

He is one of the strongest Samurai of Kagoshima in history.

Statsue “Okubo Toshimichi”

He is one of the hero of Kagoshima as well as Saigo Takamori.

Statue “Prince Tenshoin Atsuhime”

She is from Kagoshima and the wife of Tokugawa Shogunate.

Statue “Kawaji Toshiyoshi”

He is famous for building the system of Japan’s police.


Information of Nakamura Shinya Art Museum

Open Hour




Entrance Fee

500 yen for an adult



Home Page

Home Page of Nakamura Shinya Art Museum


Ishitani 2366, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



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