Nice Restaurants of Sashimi Rice Bowl in Kagoshima, Japan



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This article intoruduces delicious restaurants of sashimi rice bowl (Kaisendon in Japanese).

We visited all of these restaurants by ourselves and found them delicious.

Why not have fresh and delicious sashimi rice bowl?



Kaisendon Map

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Volumunous, Fresh and Delicious!


Other Kaisendon Restaurants

Followings are other nice Kaisendon restaurants.

Kanmachi Shoten(Kagoshima City)

There are a long line of people waiting in front of the restaurant.

Shinko Shokudo(Kagoshima City)

You can eat Kaisendon in fish market.

Ichiba Shokudo Jonanten(Kagoshima City)

You caneat Kaisendon in fish market!

Yamaken(Kagoshima City)

Let’s have a fresh Kaisendon at fish store!

Michinoeki Tarumizu Hamabira(Tarumizu City)

The Kaisendon includes Tarumizu’s local fish.

Satsuma Umi Shokudo(Satsumasendai City)

The Kaisendon includes fish caught in Sendai Port.

Satsuma Aji(Ibusuki City)


Kasasa Ebisu(Minamisatsuma City)

The restaurant uses the fresh fish of East China Sea.