Kagoshima Rokugatsudo Festival Schedule



This article introduces the schedule of Rokugatsudo Festival which is the typical summer events of Kagoshima.

Large shrines in Kagoshima and some parts of Miyazaki holds Rokugatsudo festivals in July.

Beautiful lanterns decorate the shrine gardens.

Why not enjoy Rokugatsudo Festival in Kagoshima?



There are some stories about the origin of Rokugatsudo Festival.

At the early Edo period, Shimadzu Mitsuhisa, the ruler of the Satsuma Domain donated lanternes to the Shinshoin Temple at Kagoshima City.

Ordinary people followed his custom and started to donate lanterns to nearby shrines.

Shimadzu Mitsuhisa is famous as the builder of rulers cottage garden Senganen.

Rokugatsudo Shrine Map

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1st July Yasaka Shrine Shimidzucho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-247-1464

2nd July Funatama Shrine Shinyashikicho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-226-7457

3rd July Inari Shrine Inaricho, Kagoshima Ciry TEL: 099-248-4389

    Inari Shrine / Itsukushima Shrine Matsubaracho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-222-0343

6th July Minakata Shrine Shimizucho, Kagoshima City

9th July Isachisa Shrine Wadacho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-266-0700

     Ichinomiya Shrine Korimoto, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-254-0092

    Wakamiya Shrine Ikenouecho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-248-2789

9th/10th July Toyotamahime Shrine Chiran, Minamikyushu City TEL: 0993-83-4335

10th July Shobu Shrine Yoshinocho, Kagoshima City

13th July Kashiwabara Shrine Taniyamachuo, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-269-1225

15th/16th July Terukuni Shrine Terukunicho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-222-1820

17th July Kanno Temple Nodacho, Izumi City TEL: 0996-84-2075

17th/18th July Nanshu Shrine Kamitatsuocho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-247-6076

18th July Tsurumine Shrine Yoshinocho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-247-1551

     Shinmei Shrine Usuki, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-255-7710

     Hirakiki Shrine Kaimon Juccho, Ibusuki City TEL: 0993-32-2007

19th July Takebe Shrine Take, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-258-1466

20th/21th July Hakozaki Hachiman Shrine Kamichishikicho, Izumi City TEL: 0996-62-2219

21st July Inari Shrine Higashi-ichiki, Hioki City TEL: 099-274-5650

     Teruhi Shrine Osakicho, Soo City TEL: 090-6474-4859

22nd July Hiekamoikesanno Shrine Kamoike, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-254-8853

     Tokiwahie Shrine Tokiwacho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-256-3738

7月23日 Matsubara Shrine Matsubaracho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-222-0343

     Takeda Shrine Takeda, Kaseda, Minamisatsuma City TEL: 0993-53-2111


24th/25th July Arata Hachiman Shrine Shimoarata, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-252-6744

25th July Miyasaka Shrine Kiirecho, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-345-1157

     Ibusuki Shrine Higashikata, Ibusuki City TEL: 0993-22-4052

26th July Myoken Shrine Usuki, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-264-0011

27th July Minakata Shrine Take, Sakurajimacho, Kagoshima City

28th July Kagoshima Jingu Shrine Hayatocho, Kirishima City TEL: 0995-42-0020

     Kasuga Shrine Kasugacho, Kagoshima City

     Inishiki Shrine Shimoichikicho, Kagoshima City

28th/29th July Takachiho Shrine Inecho, Naze, Amami City TEL: 0997-52-1345

29th July Shirayamabime Shrine Chuzancho, Kagoshima City

30th July Tsukuyomi Shrine Yokoyamacho, Sakurajima, Kagoshima City TEL: 099-293-2109

31st July Kamo Hachiman Shrine Kamocho, Aira City TEL: 0995-52-9092

31st July/1st August Kagoshima Gokoku Shrine Somuta Kagoshima City TEL: 099-226-7030

5th August Kirishima Jingu Shrine Taguchi, Kirishima, Kirishima City TEL: 0995-57-0001

*Schedule may be changed.


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